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Kid-approved, gluten-free home-baked
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Made in Canada

Becoming a Kitchen Hero Starts Here!

Keeping to a gluten-free diet shouldn't be a chore, but often it's difficult to find gluten-free products that taste great. For parents of kids with gluten-free requirements, that's particularly challenging. You can make things from scratch in your own kitchen, but finding the best raw ingredients and getting the proportions right can be tough.

That's where Melanie’s Mixes come in. Invented by a real mom with real (and picky) kids, the mixes are made with carefully selected high quality ingredients, and lovingly fine-tuned for simple preparation and enticing taste and texture.

Ideal for all gluten-free diets, Melanie's Mixes offer you the ability to whip up delicious favorites easily and quickly, giving you and your family hassle-free home-baked goodness.

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